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The Love of the Process of Making Art

June 22, 2016

Pink-Trees-FINAL-6-18-16“Pink Trees” final, oil on canvas, 24 x 30″, need a better title

Brushwork. I met a great elderly lady who came to my home studio show recently, and found out she owns a painting from my former painting Professor Dieteman at CSU. I told her he was the only painting teacher who taught me anything I could take with me and still remember. He wanted me to think about brush work and consider the possible varieties of that. He was a wonderful teacher and always had a smile to give, which said a lot. I know he loved painting. So do I. I think that creative people can transfer their love of the process to other artists, just by the joy they offer with the love of the work. This is better than just about anything we can share.


“Aspen Meadow” detail, not finished….oil on canvas, 24 x 30″

Work in progress..


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