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Returning to Art After Time Away

May 15, 2017

“Flowers in A Vase”, watercolor and ink, 8 x 10″, Karen Gillis Taylor

Time away from making art… life happens, and we can’t regret lost time. I just wanted to step back in and keep painting.

I found the simplest of quotes by Will Rogers:

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. “

That is a Freedom quote. It is the idea that no matter what has happened in our short or even distant past, we can still make today happen with art, with creativity and with paint.

I chose to make this simple watercolor and ink piece because I knew I wanted to draw and paint quickly. It’s like when we went to drawing class and the instructor would give us 30 seconds to draw the model. Then a minute. Then 3 minutes until he or she finally allowed us a full hour to draw.

I am a firm believer in “warm ups”. It’s practically my mantra, and how I teach students too. Now it’s my turn, and coming back from a 7 month hiatus, I’m following my own suggestions.

Besides, drawing has always been fun for me. Might as well start from an experience of fun, and go from there!

Hope you have fun when you create too. Make art from a happy place, why not?


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