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Following Your Creative Heart on a Day-By-Day Basis

March 6, 2015

I’ve been doing some serious re-evaluation today. How should I spend my creative days? What should I pour my energy in with complete abandon? What do I like to create the best? If I only had 30 days to live, what would my daily life look like? Oh that’s a real question!

We build our day. Hour by hour. Life is a string of precious moments, so we accomplish or plan or paint or write or make a fine dinner for our loved one, hopefully with some intention.

As an artist, I need some spontaneous moments in my day, especially if I’m painting for a deadline. Do you ever feel that way? I need to allow myself to deviate from a schedule and have some fun drawing or painting an idea I seemed to have just pulled out of my creative hat! And then I want to run with it. What is that expression about the …. something be damned? torpedos? a naval one… full speed ahead! My smart musician brother used that verse in a recent email, I remember now. Charge!

Here’s a new idea I have to let me unleash some spontaneity early in my day. I put a smaller french easel next to my large one, as I’ve sometimes done before when working on 2 paintings at once. Then I put a piece of canvas paper mounted to a board on the easel and let that be my “Warmup” painting. So I can just start sloshing paint on that surface with no plans as to where it’s going. Here is the first one:

Warm up painting 1, acrylic on canvas paper, 16 x 20". KG Taylor

Warm up painting 1, acrylic on canvas paper, 16 x 20″. KG Taylor

Pretty nifty, right? Today, down comes the painting, up goes another new piece, for daily Warm Up No. 2. I will save these and use them later when I get a brainstorm for finishing them somehow. If I don’t like one, I have acrylic paint handy, or white gesso, and presto! New warm up surface ready for a new day!

After my warm up, I began a new, large city painting yesterday seen here. Base underpainting is acrylic, overpainting will be in oil. I have some problems with building scale to solve first, right in the center of the composition. The 2 large orange windows and that structure… it’s all too large and makes the structure under it look dwarfed. I’ll fix that today somehow before I go on.

Underpainting March 5th, 2015. KG Taylor.

Photo of underpainting, with Photoshop tweaks.  March 5th, 2015. KG Taylor.


Karen's first quilt pattern is done!

Karen’s first quilt pattern is done!

I just came off a 5-day effort of creating an art quilt pattern. I loved making it, and especially knowing that some who people saw a video I made featuring my June Blooms quilt were asking for a pattern so they could make it. Now they can.

Why do I make art quilts too? Designing with fabric is fun. And I am obsessed with color, so playing with gorgeous fabric scraps is a great creative outlet when I need a break from painting.

I learned to sew from patterns when I was eleven. Making clothes as a kid was wonderful! I never followed the pattern literally, always had to change it up somehow. That should have been my first clue… you are a designer, kid! (here is a good aside… What would you tell your 11-year-old creative self? We need to recognize that we are artists, creators, and inventors of many things. Not just because other people tell us what they see in us, good or bad.)

Pattern-writing mission accomplished, and my creative side is just hollering at me to splash more paint today. Splash randomly first, then get on to the more deliberate business of the big cityscape. I love this job!


I almost forgot to provide the Etsy link to where you can find this downloadable art quilt pattern in my shop:



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