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Final art delivery day… the April art show is here.

March 31, 2014
Piazza Anna Sara, 24" x 24", acrylic on canvas, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014

Piazza Anna Sara, 24″ x 24″, acrylic on canvas, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014 – click for larger view


This morning Michelle opened the doors of Osmosis Gallery in Niwot to accept my final pieces for the April show where I will be featured artist. Owner Anne Postle had said, “bring whatever you have, we will show it all.” Now that is a trusting lady! I delivered the art on 3 separate days last week, as framing was finished and art quilt sleeves were sewn on for hanging. 12 paintings and 3 art quilts.

It’s been an emotional week, yet my Dad would have wanted me to finish a job begun, as he always did, and more. So I will continue to show the final pieces here, beginning with this one, “Piazza Anna Sara.” This was meant to be the centerpiece of the show, however another painting came along which may prove to be a contender. I’ll show the final “Orange Reverie” painting another day soon.

Here’s a rough image I previously showed of “Piazza”, you may remember I showed in progress on the February 11th blog.

Early stage painting of Piazza Anna Sara, February 2014

Early stage painting of Piazza Anna Sara, February 2014

I love all the warm pinks and oranges in the rough painting. Definitely keeping this bolder palette in mind for another piece in the future. You may even like this stage better. I wish you could see the final one in person, though. Then you could judge better, perhaps.

The Color of Joy, art show announcement by Osmosis Gallery

The Color of Joy, art show announcement by Osmosis Gallery

This is the email announcement/invitation produced by the gallery after I sent them the painting image. I actually took a poll from family and friends before deciding on the name of the show, and got so many responses, for which I’m thankful!

Four in the car, heading to the gallery.

Four in the car, heading to the gallery.

The largest painting fit easily into my car. I once had a 4 foot square painting to deliver which barely fit into my last car. That poses the question: do I think about the size of my next painting if I’m considering its future for delivery or shipping? I do think about it, but I love painting BIG, and if an idea comes along that says to me, “This one must be REALLY big”, I will probably do it.

The year I lived in Santa Fe, I admired the paintings of Louisa McElwain, where she had a showing at a local bank lobby and was in the news. I remember that she had a pickup truck, and would go out in the field to paint the quickly changing skies in the landscape, which helps to explain her strong, spontaneous brush work. 4 foot by 6 foot paintings! I was so impressed with that.

Unremitting Grace, Louisa McElawain

Unremitting Grace, Louisa McElwain, oil, 48 x 72″

I was sorry to find out she died recently. I would have loved to have met her and talked art.

Someday in the future I will return to northern New Mexico, where the light is perfect for people like me. They seem to welcome artists and crafts people there, in spades. And of course, my Dad took us there as children and gave his bow to the culture and people he grew to love.


The name Piazza Anna Sara is named after my mom, whose own mother came from Italy. There are Annas in our Italian family tree, and the town square in “The Old Country”, as Grandma Ella called it, was so important to all the people who gathered there to keep up with their friends and family. There is no match for spending time with people face to face.




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