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Color and Fabric = Make Your Day Happy

April 20, 2016
Color swatches of fabric help with ongoing studies.

Color swatches of fabric help with ongoing studies.

Getting ready for the writing of an article about Color for Quilters with a feast laid out on my table. Color is my kind of feast for the eyes!

You don’t have to coax a quilter too hard to pay a visit to a fabric shop. We become like little kids stepping into the corner candy store. Even if I don’t buy anything, I just love roaming around the bolts, inspecting the new patterns and glorious colors, usually organized by hues. If I’m on a mission, such as gathering fabrics for a new quilt or art quilt, it helps if I have a plan, even just a loose idea of the color palette I’m seeking. Otherwise, I can get overwhelmed, or carried away by the “must have” gremlin sitting on my shoulder.

I love mixing color for paintings, but possessing this pre-mixed selection of colors in the form of fabric swatches is a step toward instant gratification of the best kind. Are you one of those organized quilters who has your stash separated into neat piles or bins by color? Me, not so much, though my fabrics are at least are in bags and boxes by color, but not exactly neat. So this system helps me immensely.

Once I have my color palette plan, I “shop my stash” for fabrics to go into my quilt creation. Here I go, then, it’s shopping day at my house! O happy day!

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