An Abstract Painting and a Quilt

Abstract City with Pinks, acrylic detail from another painting, KGT

Abstract City with Pinks, acrylic detail from another painting, KGT

In the last blog we talked about finding new ideas from former art, perhaps taking just a section from another painting for inspiration. I really like this piece of another painting, especially the colors.

Quilt idea, KGT

Quilt idea, KGT

It has been awhile since I designed a quilt, but somehow, I couldn’t help but see the possibilities in this painted image for a new and simple quilt idea.

Of course, the textured, multicolor fabric does not exist yet, except in my own mind right now. It would be great fun to create the fabric, maybe on Spoonflower, and then make this quilt! (Spoonflower is the company that will take your image and make it into your custom fabric.) I haven’t tried this yet, but would like to sometime!

So a certain visual idea can beget a newly created one. How have you experienced this in your own life? Isn’t that why we take ourselves out to shops and art museums, to get new ideas? Such a good practice, to keep those creative ideas flowing.


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4 Responses to “An Abstract Painting and a Quilt”

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday) Says:

    This would make a dynamite quilt! You’re on the right track, for sure!


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Great idea!!!! loved the quilt idea too~! How funny that our thinking is always along the same track. :0)


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