An Abstract Painting Idea and An Indian Chief

Detail from watercolor painting, Southwest Church with River. KGT.

Detail from watercolor painting, Southwest Church with River. KGT.

Do you get ideas from seeing things you created beforehand, maybe ready for a new twist? I was thinking this might make a good abstract, really large perhaps?

We have a pointy mountain like this here called Haystack Mountain. People thought it was a dormant volcano, but that belief turned out to be a legend. The other legend is that Chief Niwot is buried there, which is more plausible, since his Arapahoe tribe loved and frequented the valley. (Our town has his name.)

Here’s the little watercolor sketch I cropped here and there from a more complicated original, looking for some new and simpler perspectives. Simplifying is one of my themes for this year.  Anyone like that idea? Somehow it might make for a tiny bit more of peace in corners of our lives.



"Southwest Church by River", detail, watercolor, KGTaylor

“Southwest Church by River”, detail, watercolor, KGTaylor




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4 Responses to “An Abstract Painting Idea and An Indian Chief”

  1. Antje Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely images and thoughts. I am really inspired by your idea to use a larger image to find in it shapes and values that might work for an abstract painting. I always struggle finding time to experiment and thought that’s the only way towards other forms of art; now you’ve encouraged me to try this approach. And I love your colours, they are really uplifting!


    • Karen Says:

      You are so welcome. There are many ideas we can take from larger images we have already painted. We don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” every time we decide to make a new piece of art. In fact, I believe this is a good way to achieve growth and consistency in our work. I do hope you will give it a try! Thanks for reading, -Karen

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  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I love these paintings! I always love how cheerful and warm your art is. Keep on paintin”! It takes me away!


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