Days of Encouragement for the New Year

"Rowhouses", detail, acrylic, KGT

“Rowhouses”, detail, acrylic, KGT

“Every journey has a wilderness passage. Sometimes quite a few. But as the path leads on, we discover that without the desert, we do not fully experience the oasis.” -Barbara Farmer

People like to make New Year’s resolutions, promises to self when we set out on the next life journey of the year. Creative people have their share of challenges: financial needs, relationship issues, health, and “blocked” productivity, to name a few. I speak from experience, and I bet you can relate.

This is a good time to look for the oasis and put our wilderness behind us. It’s an outlook, a mindset, and something we can choose to change. We can take better care of ourselves, and it can begin with taking charge of our thoughts throughout the day.

When the negative thoughts come in, we can be ready with an alternative saying to voice out loud. “I will not be discouraged by that thought, today I can make a new … (fill in the blank.) If we seek that change, we can find it!

I have a very great book (with actionable tips) to recommend to you: “Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking and Health”, by Dr. Caroline Leaf. We are not stuck with our given brain condition, cells and thought patterns. We can literally change the physical parts of our brain by choosing to dismantle the negative thoughts that enter into our mind and replace them with positive ones. It’s the science of the brain, and very fascinating!

Here’s to a better and more creative 2016, friends!

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