Art Project for the New Year: SIMPIFLY

Cleaning up the art table

Cleaning up the art table

I can’t begin until the studio is ready and clean. Partly why we don’t create is because we are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with new ideas, where to begin, where to find a clean place to work, where to find our supplies. So I’m attacking the problem and biting off one piece at a time!

First is the art table area. That’s where I work lately, on small paintings and at night where I have good light and up-close vision. Last year I probably worked at the art table about 40 percent of the time, so it’s crucial I make it clean, inviting and SIMPLE. Want to join me?

Where do you work on art projects most of the time? Lots of people work on the kitchen or dining room table. I did for years. A portable supply system will be important. A container for your tools, and a place to keep your painting or project while it is still unfinished. Please comment and share your ideas to help other readers!


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8 Responses to “Art Project for the New Year: SIMPIFLY”

  1. thatsjustmiki Says:

    Organizing my space as well as my supplies yesterday made a tremendous difference! I feel settled and peaceful, know where everything is at, and feel ready to begin something new! i also rediscovered supplies that I had forgotten about!

    Though I’m in the middle of packing our house, I put supplies for my current paintings into a suitcase, so that I can easily access them. It’s important to take breaks from all the “have to do” things to relax and create.


    • Karen Says:

      You are so smart to put your supplies in the suitcase, especially since you are moving! Feeling settled is a benefit of being organized, and that’s a good mindset for making art. Bravo to you, Miki!


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Doing the same thing here! Making good progress. Almost ready to work!


  3. Arlene Says:

    I paint in the dining room on the dining room table. I have a very small house and the DR is the only room I can use. The light is bad here too, until the afternoon in the summer. It is probably to worst room to paint in, but the most practical. I have a cupboard to store my supplies and a trolley behind a door to store some more things. I have to put a drop cloth down when I use the easle.


    • Karen Says:

      Hi Arlene, I found a good deal on a floor lamp/light at Joann’s (craft/fabric store) that can be moved over a dining table. You might those out. Sounds like you have a good storage system going. I have some carpet remnants now for my drop cloths, too. They are a little more sturdy than the little rugs I was using. I love working on my dining room table! It’s the biggest flat surface, and you can really spread out!

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