The Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone Colors of the Year history

Pantone Colors of the Year – a bit of recent history

I like to see what the Pantone company comes out with their new forecast of the Color of the Year. Their chosen colors are now TWO colors. First time they chose 2 and I don’t know why. Someone out there does, please tell us their reasoning behind this decision. That would be nice to know. I’m not being sarcastic, at all. I am interested in the decision making, as one who loves color.

Last year “Marsala” was a nice and easy color to blend with so many color palettes we might choose. My recent “Orange Reverie” painting included a Marsala-like hue. I think this is a very workable palette of colors to use over and over! That’s me talking to myself! love it.

As for the new 2016 choices of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity”, (basically a light cool pink and a tint of Primary Blue), I don’t have much of a comment. Is the Fashion community  one of the most important reasons the committee chooses these colors? I don’t know? I love the creativity in the Fashion Community. I truly do. I was inventing and sewing my own garments at the age of 12. Such a creative field!

I asked people on my Facebook groups, they seemed very divided as to liking these colors, using them, discarding them, etc. In the end, I don’t subscribe to popular culture when it comes to choosing colors for a painting project. And neither should you, dear friend. Color is much too personal to even think about letting outside opinions influence how you love to create in your own free way, and freedom in creating is the best way!



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8 Responses to “The Pantone Colors of the Year”

  1. Melanie McNeil Says:

    Hard to guess what drives color trends, although certainly someone SAYING that a color is popular could fuel that. 🙂 I am not much of a shopper, but a lot of the clothing colors I’ve seen this fall have been ugly, muddy “pastels.” (I put it in quotes because they hardly read as pastels. Rather, they are on the lighter end of the value spectrum.) They are dull and I can’t think they flatter anyone’s skin. Certainly they aren’t good for me. The new colors, absent a bunch of grey or beige to muddy them, might work better. It will be interesting to see.


    • Karen Says:

      Thanks Melanie. As to fashion and color, we learn what colors look best on us as individuals, and buy or not buy according to that. These 2 are really pure tints, and probably look good on most anyone, I’ve been thinking!


  2. Arlene Says:

    I think the pantone color trend tends to influence the decorating market more than anything – such as accessories like cushions and paint for walls rather than the art market. Though there are people that choose their art to match their decor! 😦


    • Karen Says:

      I think you have a point, Arlene. I can’t imagine anyone redecorating every year to “stay current”, but I’m sure the designers pay attention to a degree. Far easier to change one’s wardrobe than to redecorate a home, unless we are talking accessories. Perhaps that is why the fashion garment industry can update year after year, while others slowly follow suit. And yes, there are people who do shop for a painting to fit into a room, hopefully not based on color alone!

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  3. Nancy Says:

    I am not a fan of pastels, especially pink, but the colors were popular in the late 1950s–think Maimie Pink. And also appear in early fabrics around1830.


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