Art for a Reason

Liberte, acrylic, kgt

Liberte, 2015 acrylic, kgt

“Probably Delacroix’s best-known painting, Liberty Leading the People is an unforgettable image of Parisians, having taken up arms, marching forward under the banner of the tricolour representing liberty, equality, and fraternity. Although Delacroix was inspired by contemporary events to invoke this romantic image of the spirit of liberty, he seems to be trying to convey the will and character of the people…” (Hubert Wellington).

“Liberty Leading the People”, Eugene Delacroix, 1830.

In the wake of the second horrific terrorist attacks in one year, on french soil, this iconic image just comes to my mind once again. Is Liberty a romantic ideal, as this was painted in the age of Romanticism? Or is it something greater, that might inspire artists of any age to express themselves?

Some of my art friends did create new pieces after the Nine Eleven attacks on the World Trade Center. It started as only a trickle of artists too stunned to want to even make art at all. Then we saw more and more pieces of art showing up on many fronts and venues, the internet being the most visible, of course.

Part of me wants to paint out my anger, frustrations and support for friends in France… I have the paint and brushes.


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2 Responses to “Art for a Reason”

  1. Judy Broughton Says:

    Such senseless violence, thank-you for the reminder that this world turmoil is not new.
    John Lennon’s song ” Imagine” floats in my mind, if only we could/ would learn from history


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