Your Own Cosmic Shift

Indian Summer 1, oil on panel, 11 x 14

Indian Summer 1, oil on panel, 11 x 14″, KGT

Cosmic: of or relating to the universe or outer space

: relating to spiritual matters

: very large or important

Have you ever experienced a feeling as if your whole world is changing in a big way? I just spent 3 weeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer, housesitting for a good friend and painting 3 new pieces to add to the 10 that now reside at Bill Hester Fine Arts gallery there on Canyon Road that agreed to accept my work.

I struggled to get my painting “groove,” working in a new environment like that. It’s a gorgeous place. It is true what people say about the special light. Part of the time I painted in a magical garden all aglow and surrounded by warm adobe walls and houses. My delight was in overdrive, yet I was nervous to paint more art my new gallery would like.

I brought home this feeling of unease. Canyon Road is SO full of super art galleries and works. A person can become intimidated.

Finally I just let go and the old saying, “Trust the Process” came into play. I scrutinized my process and took out the oils instead of acrylics, along with a fresh outlook. My struggles actually were important, because it all led to not finding my old groove, but a NEW one. I’ve got several new oils in the works now, and I’ll need the energy with an upcoming show in September!

Next time you feel restless and disappointed with your creations, maybe it’s because you are on the verge of a big shift that leads to a new direction. Pulling out the stops, becoming braver, and not listening to the inner voices of doubt is part of that Trusting the Process. I’m telling myself all this, because I need to remember it often here in this swirling little cosmos of a studio.


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6 Responses to “Your Own Cosmic Shift”

  1. Laura (Createarteveryday) Says:

    This painting is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at it. The colors and the flow of it is mesmerizing! Congratulations, and wow! Good for you for taking a risk and moving in a new direction. This rocks right here. 💛


  2. Ann Webb Says:

    Great advice! I love your blog (and your work) and appreciate all of the feelings you share! Thank you, Ann Webb

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