A Painter likes to Cook… Why It Led Me to Art

libraryBack in college I used to study in the section of the library near the Foods of the World, Time-Life book series. When I became bored with studies I would grab a book and read about different countries and their recipes. This happened pretty much every time I visited the library. I was a European history student at the time, so already interested in other countries. And good at procrastinating. The foods of France and Italy were especially intriguing.

Italy 1, acrylic, 9 x 12, KGT

Italy 1, acrylic, 9 x 12, KGT

My grandma was Italian, and taught us to make ravioli from scratch. She would lay the ravioli on towels on the guest room bed to dry out. I made them once in college. Took me all day. Another nice diversion from studying, and the reward was eating them!

My interests lead me to visiting Europe with my college roommate one summer. I went over to see the great historical sites and once we traipsed through all the great art museums, I was hooked. I enrolled in a drawing class as soon as we got back to school.

Maybe you were like me, meandering around with interests and studies until you stumbled into art. Actually, I loved making art projects as a kid, but now I had validation. Art is worthy of study, exploration and your full-time vocation! If you are a considering spending time making art, just do it! On your days off from art, make ravioli.

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4 Responses to “A Painter likes to Cook… Why It Led Me to Art”

  1. Rolina Says:

    I am in total agreement about the joys of Italian and French cuisine and like to visit that part of Europe as often as I can, even though my culinary heart hails from more Northerly parts. Today’s painting is lovely and could be on a brochure advertising the wonders of Italy!


  2. Janet Ledoux Says:

    Thanks Karen for the reminder of all the creative ways we connect with our artist selves. Nice painting, love that color.


    • Karen Says:

      Janet, you are so right in that we have many ways and even times throughout our day to connect to that artist within. Small things can trigger big ideas!


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