Uncanny Cuteness: A Likeness Spanning the Centuries

The Gardner Girl, Simon-Saint-Jean-1837

The Gardner Girl, Simon Saint-Jean-1837

Katie with Flower Hat, Libby, Montana, June 2014

Katie with Flower Hat, Libby, Montana, June 2014

I was enjoying a favorite book today, after a long week of painting. “The Gardens of Impressionism,” fantastic big ole’ book. I came across an amazing painting by French painter Simon Saint-Jean. Suddenly I realized I had seen those eyes and flower hat somewhere before.

Tell me this doesn’t look like the fun photo I took of my daughter Katie on our family trip to Montana last June!

I’ve said it before, Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.

have a great weekend!

-Karen (and Katie).


Why not make a portrait this weekend, and put a giant flower hat on your person! Ha! Send me your sketch…

And check out my new Pinterest board about Artsy People Havin’ Fun:


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6 Responses to “Uncanny Cuteness: A Likeness Spanning the Centuries”

  1. Melanie McNeil Says:

    My girls, when they were children, looked like they came out of Renoir’s paintings. šŸ™‚


  2. anne taylor Says:

    I love the connection!


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