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Dancin’ While You Paint

March 31, 2015
Rita Hayworth dancing

Rita Hayworth dancing


One of the very cool things about painting BIG is that you have to get physical, stand a lot, and keep stepping back to get a good look at the canvas. Since I often have music playing in the studio, it’s pretty likely I will start dancing a little when the spirit moves. Do you dance while you paint?

I’m painting a little looser these days, and suddenly I’m wondering if there’s a connection between that and boppin’ around to music now and then in the studio. Maybe a little dancing is healthy. Sometimes we tense up if aren’t happy with the way a painting is developing, and who needs a tension headache in your day? A little dance is a good break.

"Dueling Easels"

“Dueling Easels”, studio

The painting on the right is 50 inches wide, the smaller one 24 inches. I like to stand when I paint anyway, and if I have two going at once, it’s not likely I’ll be sitting.

Why two paintings? Yesterday I put up the smaller canvas and decided I would start splashing some paint textures on it, experimenting with sponges and mixtures. Then I felt more confident to go back to the big one and use the same mixture or brush. I found it helpful to keep the small painting less “planned.” It was actually almost finished at the end of the day. Should I get a new canvas in its place today, and keep on with the two-at-once idea? Why not?

"Rosy Garden March 31", 24 x 24" acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor

“Rosy Garden March 31, 24 x 24” acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor

Here is that smaller painting just now finished. First week of Spring, I guess I can’t wait for flowers to return to the garden!

My sisters and I all took dancing lessons as kids. It was a highlight in the week. Mom loved old movies, and we watched musicals and dance numbers right along with her. Dancing is every bit as creative as painting, so why not combine the two in your day? I especially like Bossa Nova and Latin rhythms, jazz, and then just a variety after that.

Rita with Fred Astaire, what a pair!

Rita with Fred Astaire, what a pair!

My friend sent me this Youtube link, with Rita dancing her heart out. It made me smile, maybe it will do that for you too. Happy Painting!




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