Remembering My Art Hero – Bernie Fuchs

"A Perfect Day", Bernie Fuchs, oil

“A Perfect Afternoon”, Bernie Fuchs, oil. Click for larger views.

Bernie Fuchs was a modern-day Degas, in a way. He captured light and a romantic realism in his paintings, with a beautiful sense of color, restrained yet magical. He was probably the best illustrator of his time that ultimately gave way to the more popular use of photography in publishing. Too bad. I hope the art of painters like Bernie Fuchs will come back into the mainstream of humanity looking for a special imagery only a painter can produce.

I was cleaning out my studio today and found this gem of a book, “Bernie Fuchs: 50 Year Retrospective”, all wrapped up in the gallery packaging from the time I visited Telluride, Colorado in 2008, on a solo road trip. The gallery people told me I just missed the reception for the retrospective art show of Bernie Fuchs, by about a few weeks. Oh, that was painful to hear. I was so excited to finally visit the one gorgeous part of Colorado, Telluride, only to find I missed meeting my art hero by 2 weeks.

I did get to meet Bernie Fuchs several years ago at a conference in California for aspiring young illustrators like me. He reviewed my portfolio, and invited me to call him when I visited New York soon so he could help me get new contacts. Oh why did I think that could never happen? Note to self and others out there, when someone offers help, TAKE it! Do not think you are not worthy or have not enough talent.

Now that I am looking over this catalogue of Bernie’s 50 year retrospective, I am once again in awe of his beautiful work.

Suddenly it hit me. His work is one of the best examples of the third part of my own art focus: Color, Pattern, and Effects of Light. When you study and appreciate the works of other artists, it is a very good thing. We don’t copy, we take it all in to our subconscious and conscious art mind. It’s almost like we can love the works of our mentors out there, and know they might be saying, “thanks for looking at my life’s work, now you go make your own best.” And Bernie would have said, yes, make your own best work, you can do it, I did.

Thank you, Bernie.



"Oscar Charleston", 26 x 20", Bernie Fuchs, for Sports Illustrated, 2005

“Oscar Charleston”, 26 x 20″, Bernie Fuchs, for Sports Illustrated, 2005



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2 Responses to “Remembering My Art Hero – Bernie Fuchs”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I don’t know if I ever told you, but my Ft. Collins doctor, Dr. Billica is also a painter. He has done some nice work. Plein air landscapes. I forwarded this to him.



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