Paris Color 2 keeps the cityscape ideas coming

Paris colors 2 painting, 5 x 7", Acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor

Paris Trees painting, 5 x 7″, Acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor. 60.00. See the Shimmertown Shop on Etsy or email for details.

My previous painting of Jan. 1 showed many geometric shapes like squares and rectangles seen in cities. This one seems to show a burst of energy as a sea of trees might cascade down a boulevard, ending in a city park. Is it night or perhaps twilight?

Paris 2 detail

Paris 2 detail

Again, I love the process beginning with color palette ideas. A small painting fuels the drive to make a larger piece. Acrylic paints help things along, a wonderfully versatile medium.


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4 Responses to “Paris Color 2 keeps the cityscape ideas coming”

  1. simply painting Says:

    Love what you are doing here. Your color palette is gorgeous!


  2. Brenda Says:

    love !


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