A New Year of Color: 2015

Paris Color 1, acrylic on textured paper, 5 x 7", Karen Gillis Taylor

Paris Color 1, acrylic on textured paper, 5 x 7″, Karen Gillis Taylor. 60.00. See the Shimmertown Shop on Etsy or email for details. Click for larger views.

January is going to be a month of color explorations! I’ll be creating new color studies in works of 3 or 4 with the goal of  finding new combinations that inspire the paintings of 2015. Follow along and maybe you too will be tempted to search out new and exciting color in our world as we go about our days in this new year.

This first set of 4 small paintings is inspired by a photo I saw of a corner deli in the city of Paris. (I’m contemplating a journey back to France after many years, but more about that later!)

Then I adjusted the palette colors as I mixed my paints until I found a set that really took hold in my heart.  I can envision this small painting as a larger abstract cityscape, full of life.

Paris 1 detail

Paris 1 detail

Happy New Year, and hello 2015!


Paris 2 detail

Paris 2 detail, with playful textures in Photoshop


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7 Responses to “A New Year of Color: 2015”

  1. Brenda Says:

    like the softness of the colors. Would love Paris 2 for a shower curtain. !


    • karen Says:

      Hi Brenda,
      I like your suggestion, and love the “watery-ness” of this texture. What color would you choose from this image to put on your bathroom walls? Food for thought. Sometimes abstract art leaps into the realm of interior design pretty quickly. Thanks for your ideas! Happy New Year.


  2. Martine Paquet Says:

    Great colors!
    Happy and creative New Year, Karen.


  3. Melanie McNeil Says:

    The pink is rather unexpected for a cityscape. But matched with the oranges, chartreuse, and deep plums, it is just the right note. Thanks for the inspirations.


    • karen Says:

      Hi Melanie,
      I agree and thought some might think the predominance of the pink out of place. But in the world of imagination we can do unexpected things. Funny thing is, in the real world, there is nothing new under the sun. Anything can happen and surprises us often. Thank your for your insights on the color notes. I always appreciate what you and others are thinking about all of this. Happy New Year, Melanie!


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