Quilt Projects and Time out for Nature

Town quilt progress, Karen Gillis Taylor, October 2014

Town quilt progress, Karen Gillis Taylor, October 2014

Last month I painted the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, and this following month I am consumed with making a very large art quilt. It will be about 58 inches square when done. My art quilts are usually less than half that size! My design wall is the floor.

The idea for this city quilt came from a small painting I made. I scanned the painting and occasionally made changes in Photoshop, then went back to the quilt making.

Painting inspiration for my town quilt.  Photoshop sketch from original painting.

Painting inspiration for my town quilt. Photoshop sketch from original painting.

I was hoping to enter this quilt in a 9-Patch Challenge by the National Quilt Museum, but it turns out that a month is not long enough to finish this quilt, so I missed today’s deadline. Too bad, but I can’t cut corners to finish this one, so I’ll continue and just enjoy the process.

Building a cityscape, one patch at a time.

Building a cityscape, one patch at a time.

The quilt top is nearly done, design-wise. A few more colors and shapes to add, then it’s on to the quilting and finish, which will be a nice relaxing hum of the sewing machine. I hope! Until now, it’s mainly be drawing, measuring, cutting and ironing with a few seams in between. I still can’t believe I made it this big.

Dawn outside the sewing room is gorgeous today!

Dawn outside the sewing room is gorgeous today!

All my life I have had a tendency to give myself steep goals and work like crazy to finish. Do you ever get life out of balance by getting into an all-consuming project?

So I’m making an effort to remember to go outside for nature walks and appreciate the beauty of nature. It restores my soul.

Maybe you have ways of keeping yourself balanced in life. I’d love to hear from you, I could use the advice!

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11 Responses to “Quilt Projects and Time out for Nature”

  1. beatrice Says:

    I love balance and always take the time to play in nature- but that is where I find my greatest bliss


  2. beatrice Says:

    The quilt looks great!


  3. marjorie Says:

    What a beautiful piece Karen!


  4. Kathleen Roth Says:

    Love both of yoour quilts! You have inspired me to try quilting again for the fun and art of it. 30 yrs. ago I made baby quilts for every new mom in my church, probably 25 or more over the 4 yrs. I did it. I also did commissioned quilts to make extra money for Christmas. All of these quilts were in the old Mennonite tradition of my graNdmother.
    Often wish I had thought of my work as art back then. I never signed one of my quilts or photographed them either, felt it would be bragging.
    Live and learn! Art quilts maybe small enough with the new cutting methods and machine sewing to be able to enjoy this love again even if I have to pace myself because of carpal tunnel syndrom. I’m going for it wish me luck. I have 2 pictures, 1 of a Key West Sunset that is alight with warm tropical colors and 1 of San Francisco from across the bay at a different angle than you usually see that I think will be great. Now to chose wnhich one first!
    Thanks again Karen for sparking my creativity and showing me a way back to a old love !
    Kathy Roth


    • karen Says:

      Kathy, I’m so glad you found the quilts on my blog that inspired you to return to your love of the craft! Your ideas sound wonderful, I wonder which one you will make first? I would suggest making a small art quilt first. This last one I made in Nov. 2014 was really large and took me over a month and tied up the floor of my sewing room too. (I don’t have a design wall in there). Send me a picture of your quilt when you finish it! Thanks for reading and bravo for you to have made all those quilts as gifts to the young families. Take Care, Karen


  5. granny22 Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I checked out your paintings and are they ever beautiful! I love the jewel tones, the style and the emotions they evoke.
    Do you sell patterns for your town quilt, or was it more of a design-as-you-go project. In either case, it’s so eye catching and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

    Olivia Joy Dawson


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