Last Day of the September Painting-Every-Day Challenge… It’s a Winner for Me!

"September in New Mexico", Oil, 30 x 36", Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014

“September in New Mexico”, Oil, 30 x 36″, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014, detail. Click for large views.

The painting in the studio tonight... So close to finish! KGT

The painting in the studio tonight… So close to finish! KGT

I knew I had to paint large for this one. The landscape idea required it. This is my largest and final September painting for the month-long challenge I signed up for, and so glad I did!

The painting is about 3/4ths finished as you can see from the last image below it, a studio shot. I loved this color palette so much, I knew this painting number two would have to be made. Click back to September 24th, to see the first landscape with this color plan:

Please check back in a couple of days to see this one finished and also what I learned from this huge challenge! It may surprise you, it was true for me!

Thanks for reading along on my blog to see what we can both learn from these kinds of challenges. I have so enjoyed your comments!

People have been asking what I will do in October when I finish the last details of these paintings and move on. I will of course keep painting. And also I will be finishing my teaching materials for painters and quilters, all about COLOR! It’s my passion and love to inspire others to find their new love and confidence about working with color.

My second theme is all about how we collect color, collect our own art and ways to find the best art ideas all around the world! Doesn’t that sound exciting? It does for me. There are many ways to do this, some very unconventional and inspiring us all do try new things.

Okay, I am SO breathing easier tonight, along with about 200 or more other artists out there who decided to finish this challenge! It was so tempting to quit or take days off. But then I just had to jump back in and finish one for the day. I am used to working at night, since I worked at my day job for the last several years at McCall’s Quilting Magazines, and then came home and painted. Guess that was good training to show me I can work at night with all the rest of you wonderful artists who actually do your best work way into the night. Trust me, I have done that too!

My next days of this week will be to finish off the final paintings and tweak the others almost done. Then I will post them into my Etsy shop called Shimmertown, where many of them will be for sale. Thanks for asking, folks.

Don’t forget, you can always email me with any ideas or questions. I love to hear from you!

Thanks again for reading, -karen




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One Response to “Last Day of the September Painting-Every-Day Challenge… It’s a Winner for Me!”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Clap clap clap!!!!!! yea! and this one is the best of all. Can’t wait to see it finished!


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