A Cityscape Asks the Question… What Inspires Your Art?

"Saturday NIght", 8 x 10", acrylic and ink, KG Taylor, 2014

“Saturday Night”, 8 x 10″, acrylic and ink, KG Taylor, 2014, click for larger views.

All around the world, people are relaxing from their work week and meeting with friends. Others are spending their night quietly, in their own home. Wherever we are, my wish is that we can be at peace and be thankful for the things that are in our lives in each day as it is given us.


"Saturday NIght", detail

“Saturday Night”, detail

My cityscapes seem to be born from my early childhood visits to Chicago, where my Mom’s parents and big family lived. The family were not so rich in earthly goods. But as a kid, I thought that our summer time trips were the most special time ever. Mom and Dad made sure we visited every relative in Illinois and Iowa on those trips. Sometimes it was also a trip to Idaho, Ohio or Washington State.

I came away with knowing that these people were the most special ones in my parent’s lives, and therefore, mine too.

I believe these things may be partly an inspiration to illuminate my city paintings.

I know every artist out there in our world has their own inspirations and ideas which help to fuel their work. No doubt completely different from mine. The human mind is so complex. I believe it is so helpful to connect with each other and share our inspirations. We have so much to learn from each other. I have shared a little slice of my own thoughts and inspirations. What gives  you a spark of inspiration in your own creative world?




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