Day 26: Avoiding Painting by Having Dinner with Mel Brooks and Ina Garten

"Riverside Town", 11 x 14", acrylic, unfinished but close, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014

“Riverside Town”, 11 x 14″, acrylic, unfinished but close, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014. Click images for larger views.

Day 26 of the 30 day painting challenge. I took the morning to re-group and break up my routine. Painting, I told myself, should not feel like a “job.” It should be a daily discovery. Big difference. But after more than 3 weeks in September of taking on the challenge of painting and trying to finish a painting everyday, I feel like I’m crumbling around the edges. Wonder if those other 300 or so painters out there in this challenge are feeling like this too?

So, I decided to take breaks today. I went to Home Depot and bought foam rollers, the smallest sizes they had. Great for getting a good texture for the gesso base layer, and laying down big blocks of color on a beginning painting.

Then I watched a recorded episode of Rick Steve’s travel to greatest places ever in Europe. Decided to go to Hydra, Greece and Volterra, Italy as soon as possible. For work research of course. wink.

I took a photo of my unresolved Canyon painting and found some “fixes” for it in Photoshop. When a painting is bugging me, I know it’s not done. I found my fixes. Hooray!

I listened to a cooking show, “Barefoot Contessa”, and Ina Garten made Chicken Parmesan for her surprise guest, Mel Brooks. Note to self, make Chicken Parmesan for our future dinner party friends, so they will rant and rave with at least half of the crazy energy Mel Brooks showered on Ina today. He’s SO funny. I need lots of funny in my studio, since it’s a solitary work place at the moment. (Should I join a group studio venue in Boulder I ask myself? Would I get any painting done, or do they talk all the time and go out for coffee a lot? That sounds pretty good to me today. I love coffee!)

I found my last favorite sketches for the remaining 5 days of the challenge. Time to “build a city” again, and have 2 ideas for my imagined cityscapes, which I so love to create. 3 more landscape ideas. If I can’t fit in these next painting ideas before October 1st, it’s okay! I’m my own boss now, and I don’t think I will fire me yet. Jury is still out though, on that one.

"Riverside Town", detail

“Riverside Town”, detail

This  Riverside Town painting is meant to be an underpainting study for a large cityscape painting. Now I am thinking it’s pretty close to finish. After all, the study is supposed to be fairly rough and point ideas to the larger painting, right?

Now I can go to bed and read my mystery novel without a care in the world. Peace, peace. To all who have read this far.

Have  great weekend,


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One Response to “Day 26: Avoiding Painting by Having Dinner with Mel Brooks and Ina Garten”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    ahhh yes, keeping the fun in life! Good for you! ITs all about how you think. I am glad you switched it up!! Your painting looks pretty close to finish to me too. IT has an early morning feel to it? calm… everyone sleeping… is that a figure standing in the doorway? IT looks like it to me. Whenever a figure is added a story plays out in my mind. Cool!!


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