How Creating New Color Palettes Fuels Abstract Painting

Fall Color study, 5 x 7", acrylic, KGT

Fall Color study, 5 x 7″, acrylic, KGT

It’s day 21 of a painting challenge I entered.  Paint for 30 days in September and try to make 30 paintings. Well, I am not a fast painter, so I knew going in, that I, like many others, simply committed to painting every day in September 2014, and see what happens. I’ve been trying to post each day with progress, and so posting “unfinished” work is realistic work for me. Work in progress is interesting, no?

We all have our own time schedules. That is how we live in our painting and art-making world.

Here is my color mixing study for a fall palette. You might note that a “traditional” fall palette might not contain colors like violet or blue/green/aqua. Why not step out of this way of thinking, and into what the real world has to offer?

Fall palette 2

Fall palette 2

Below I have a photo of some florals from my garden, to inspire. I drew many of these colors from a garden bouquet I snipped this afternoon. It’s  the last day of summer, but fall can be a time when we wish the sun would come out again, and maybe we need a back-up inspiration to keep us inspired on those darker fall days. At least I do!

Collected plants from my garden, sitting on my drawing board for inspiriation.

Collected plants from my garden, sitting on my drawing board for inspiration.

Discovery is big for we creative types! Find out new ways to make your art. Anything can change from day-to-day. Be open to new ideas, new inspirations, out-of-the-box color palettes. and new friends who inspire you to keep creating!

I believe in you special people out there!




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