Visiting a Special Place… A painter’s heart spills out on canvas

"My Canyon Trees", Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30", Karen Gillis Taylor

“My Canyon Trees”, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30″, Karen Gillis Taylor

I just returned from visiting my much-loved New Mexico, and since I flew into the Albuquerque airport this time I missed the wonderful road trip from Colorado, through Taos, down the Rio Grande Canyon and into Santa Fe. Sad. Next time I will drive, hopefully when the fall season is in full swing.

There’s another favorite spot near Aspen along the Roaring Fork River. And the South St. Vrain canyon outside of Lyons, going into Estes Park is gorgeous! I soak it all in, each time I visit.

"My Canyon Trees", Detail 2

“My Canyon Trees”, Detail 1

Painting from imagination takes me to my very own canyon, though. Mine all mine. And, well, it’s for others too, if they wander into this painted image I share today.

"My Canyon Trees", Detail 1

“My Canyon Trees”, Detail 2

There are no rules about the kinds of trees that grow in a painter’s personal canyon, or the luminosity effects of the river. I’m painting from my love of the mountains. Ever since I was a child, I have known the mountains to be full of special places, “God’s Country”, as the true saying goes. I hope my feelings of love and joy come through in this painting, because I felt it in the latter part of the work, growing as the scene and colors progressed. It was worth it to see this painting through to the end.

Sometimes we have to tell ourselves, “keep the faith,” as we work. Especially if we experience frustration and lack of confidence along the way. (I had that feeling at the beginning of this painting, big time!) Sure enough, our efforts after we finish something we truly care about can prove to be satisfying in the end.

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