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Rusty and Determined to End the Creative Block!

August 26, 2014
Working out my feelings in the sketchbook, Karen Gillis Taylor, August 2014

Working out my feelings in the sketchbook, Karen Gillis Taylor, August 2014

I came home from a class today, one among several lately, to help me learn new things about how my art might fit in to our new world of technology. My brain was exhausted and I slumped on the sofa waiting for the recharge. It didn’t come! I had that really cranky feeling that I knew was from not making art for many days. This I finally do know about myself.

Today it felt like I have too many projects going in life. So I decided to get back to something that feels simple to me. I grabbed a sketchbook and some favorite pens and just started doodling. That was easy and felt good. No pressure.

Then I had a few thoughts and wrote them down, and then filled up the page with some drawings. My “notes to self” were observations about things I like to draw from imagination. Things friendly and familiar to me. Do you have things in your creative life you keep coming back to again and again? Maybe you should run with that, stick to your favorite themes and find out why you like them.

My RT guy brought home a very cool plant yesterday for the garden, since we are sprucing up our place to sell. (Another story!) It’s called Crocosmia, Prince of Orange. Holy cow, that sounds more like a fancy racing horse name, doesn’t it?

After I had warmed up with doodling, I started noticing all the blossom shapes of this plant and drawing them. (Flowers are so un-intimidating to draw. If you get the proportions wrong, it doesn’t matter so much.) There are dozens of shapes in this one plant. My mind is hoping to find a way to make this into a painting some day. But this is my free drawing time, just to see what happens on the page, so I let that thought simmer away for now.

Then I drew a few more things from the garden I love. The giant Chamisa shrub I planted to remind me my heart is still in New Mexico where they grow, and the poor little White Pine tree next to it that keeps on living. Someday it might be  mighty tree. Let’s just go with that.

Drawing dresses for fun, KGT

Drawing dresses for fun, KGT

Next I started drawing another fun thing I return to every so often. I have always liked drawing dresses and once made my own clothes and designed new ideas for them back in the day. This is a fun thing for me to draw, and somehow releases a little creativity in me that gets me back in the art-making game again.

Now the creative juices are flowing again for me. I just had to play a little, and I try to keep my sketchbooks always about play. No pressure, no clients, no nothing, just me having fun with art and the things I love.

What do you love in life that you could just visit for fun, to get your creative side going again? Everyone has something. Music, theater, fashion, photographing frogs, the beauty of eye makeup, shoes, rocks and petroglyphs, tango, travel to the south of France art museums, kids in dance, fascinating architecture, the best green chili burger on the planet? Did I miss a few? (smiles.)

I have this side of me that loves or could get even more interested in all of the above mentioned things. Why not cultivate this inquisitive side of your life? Being curious is a part of me, and it helps keep the creative spirit flowing. I bet some of you might think this could be true of you as well. What is your favorite thing to draw, or photograph, or make into something you like to make?

Please give me your comment, I hope you will. Sharing on this will be so welcomed!

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