Discovering Paintings from Everyday Life

"Happy Canyon", abstract digital print, 8 x 10", KGT, in the ShimmerTown shop

“Happy Canyon”, abstract digital print, 8 x 10″, KGT, in the ShimmerTown shop

“What I discover while I’m painting is all-important to me.” – Martha Clark

This image began as a collection of colors while mixing my paints one day, for an entirely different painting. As I mixed more and more hues and plopped them down on a small canvas-covered board, an abstract landscape formed in my mind’s eye, with a foreground tree in shadow, back-lit by a sunny canyon and bit of a lake within. With some digital media play, it eventually turned into a finished giclee print!

Here in the American Southwest there really is a place called “Happy Canyon”, as I named this piece of art. (Actually, there’s more than one spot with that name, in 3 different states. Can you guess which states?)

I have a habit of keeping my eyes open for painting ideas. Anything can be the inspiration. A photo taken with my cell phone, a little part of a magazine image, some fabrics sorted for a new art quilt idea or even a spot in my garden when the evening light hits it in a certain way, maybe with dark rain clouds behind.

When I spot an unusual collection of shapes, or colors or things in life, it’s up to me to find the meaning, the translation to a new thing or a new idea in paint. Imagination is firing, and then I see something I really need to make into something else.

Richard McDaniel said it well, “The process of image-making is the evolution of an idea, the pursuit of which can be like following clues in a treasure hunt. One discovery leads to another.”

It is common for people to ask what an abstract painting is all about, or where the idea for the painting came from. Today I hope I answered those questions, even if you don’t see what I see when you look at the image! (Do you see something else here in your own mind’s eye? It would interest me to know if you do!) This is one reason I find certain abstract images exciting.


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2 Responses to “Discovering Paintings from Everyday Life”

  1. Sherry Galey Says:

    Beautiful abstract!


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