A painting derived from a painting: Living by Water

"Smoke and Water", Acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor, 12" x 16", $800.00

“Smoke and Water”, Acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor, 12″ x 16″, $800.00, in Osmosis Gallery, Niwot, CO as of 7/24/2014.

Now and then I get very intrigued by a complex painting I’ve made. It’s been happening a lot with “Smoke and Water.” One painting has already come out of it, and I do think more are on the way.

As promised a few posts ago, it’s time to show you the painting that came out of this painting. (Perhaps it does pay to paint very busy compositions!)

"Living by Water", acrylic, 24 x 24", framed, Karen Gillis Taylor, $1700.00

“Living by Water”, acrylic, 24 x 24″, framed, Karen Gillis Taylor, $1700.00

Look closely at the top painting (click for larger views) and you will see the area that gave me the idea to explore and then paint the new one. Did it take you long to find it?

With art, one thing so often leads to another. I’m glad I am back to painting full-time now, as the ideas are flowing and I want to get momentum going! There is one little issue…

Studio Clean UP reminder pic, KGT

Studio Clean UP reminder pic, KGT

Studio clean up! I’m slowly getting there.








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