Brain Exercise for Creativity: Walking and the Memory Game

Memory Game Illustration, Photoshop, KG Taylor. Click for big view!

Memory Game Illustration, Photoshop, KG Taylor. Click for big view!

I’ve started walking again since I am back in the studio full time. It’s been a good habit for so many years and now I have the time to resume! Are you into walking? For me, it’s about 20 minutes down to the town coffee shop, and 20 minutes back, holding my Americano with cream, trying not to slosh on my tee shirt, which of course, I do.

On the return walk, (with speed somewhere between amble and jog), the brain kicks in and lots of ideas seem to come. Must be the circulation to the brain? (Any medical people out there who can substantiate my theory?) So yesterday on the return walk home, I got about 4 main ideas to act on, and took no pencil and paper for notes. On purpose.

Memory games help us remember, they say. Here’s what works for me: I thought of a word to tie my ideas together, and this time it was the word UP. See picture above.

1- Studio Clean UP.

2- Watercolor Warm UP class to create for new students

3- “Jazz UP”, getting a Jazz related painting ready for a demo on First Friday Nights this week, on the Osmosis Gallery lawn.

4- Blog UP, to write in the future on subject of comparing Music and Architecture, and a favorite design theme of Pattern.

It worked and now I have a fun visual I made when I got home to help me follow through on my new ideas. Think I’ll print it out and stick it on my wall as a commitment picture.

Brain exercise is good for creativity, no matter what our age, but in my case, once you pass the age 50 mark, you might want to work the brain more and grow it to your benefit. I’m reading a book on the brain subject called The Gift in You: Discovering New Life Through Gifts Hidden in Your Mind, by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Leaf has made me interested in the science of the brain, because it so pertains to creative people. It basically says we can improve our brains with challenging use. I’m all for this!

Now I’m off to do my number 1, the studio clean up. Sigh. Guess I need to get UP for this task and stop thinking UP reasons to procrastinate!

Are you UP for walking as a way to recharge your creative brain? Or what do you do to get ready for a good creative day?

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2 Responses to “Brain Exercise for Creativity: Walking and the Memory Game”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Thank you for this interesting and inspirational post. I will check this book out, but for now, I will try the one word connection , I have ADD and this might be a good way to connect my tasks and hold them in my mind’s eye. I used to walk………just for walking… maybe add a little of that also. Great ideas! Thanks again. 🙂


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