The Color Orange is my new favorite… Paint with confidence!

Acrylic on wood panel, unframed, 11" x 14", by Karen Gillis Taylor

“Golden Autumn”, Acrylic on wood panel, unframed, 11″ x 14″, by Karen Gillis Taylor. Click for larger views.


I find myself painting with the color orange more and more lately. Do we paint with certain colors because they affect our mood and feelings of well-being? Do we add orange accents here and there in our life to offer a little optimism, or sense of adventure? No question this color is stimulating and even rejuvenating for me. Each painting here will offer varying “doses” of orange. Judge for yourself its visual impact on each piece.

"Golden Autumn", detail

“Golden Autumn”, detail

Abiquiu palette, watercolor, KGT

Abiquiu palette, watercolor, KGT

In this simple watercolor study, orange takes full control of the focal point for brilliance. The palette is very earthy to me. Blue complements orange, more subtly though when not right beside it.

"Southwest Mesa", oil and digital, KGT

“Southwest Mesa”, oil and digital, KGT

Here’s the same palette with the addition of pinks. I love the gorgeous colors of New Mexico and Arizona in the American west. Some say this combination is felt on a more “gut” level than other more ethereal color palettes.

"Cabo Sunrise", digital photography and colors added, KGT

“Cabo Sunrise”, digital photography and colors added, KGT

I enjoy playing with color and effects when I have a photo I love. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the place. Yellow and orange were the basic start if the image. I added blue/green and accents of purple for my desired effect.

"Orange Reverie", detail, acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014

“Orange Reverie”, detail, acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2014

I nicknamed this painting “Big Orange” while working on it. But the many other hues anchor the image (darks) and add highlights of interest (pinks and light purples).

Some say color offers emotional strength when a person needs a lift. This is undoubtedly true with the color orange.

Do certain colors affect your own moods? Please share!

Pear Painting, oil, 8 x 10", Karen Gillis Taylor

Pear Painting, oil, 8 x 10″, Karen Gillis Taylor


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7 Responses to “The Color Orange is my new favorite… Paint with confidence!”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hi Karen, we all want to know how your show went on the 4th??
    I’m sure it was wonderful, pictures please!
    I love the orange…last years fashion color Hermes Orange…love it more than Tiffany Turquoise (almost)
    I’m going to send a photo of a sunset last week from the ranch in Galisteo…
    XO, Judy


  2. nsturgill Says:

    especially love the “Southwest Mesa”. Light can be so spectacular down there and you’ve captured a piece of it!


  3. Caroline Jobe Says:

    this is soooo funny! i just found that orange has become MY have colour of the moment too, goes so well with turquoise and magenta. i think all artists are tuned in to the same frequency, i notice that fashion also seems tuned in at the same times. beautiful the way the universe works.


  4. safelake Says:

    Reblogged this on Lavender Turquois.


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