Finding a little joy via Imagination

"Chili in the City", detail of larger Painting, acrylic on board, 2010, sold

“Chili in the City”, detail of larger Painting, acrylic on board, 2010, sold

We had sad news this week, when my father passed away at the age of 88 in Denver. My 3 siblings and I are hanging together in full support-each-other mode. Still, the business of running an art studio goes on, and I shipped a painting to a nice lady in Montana today.

As I was going through the painting images I came across this one which was part of the art in a calendar I had made called City Dreams. It reminded me of other happier moments in life, like travels to Mexico with family.

I told my sister that when I paint buildings and cities, I always imagine which window is my art studio window. There is definitely a painting studio in this Chili building, next to the Mexican restaurant. My friend Judy, who lives on Canyon Road in the Art Gallery district, has a restaurant next door, and El Farol is right up the street, where you can get tapas and listen to salsa music. More happy thoughts.

Seaside Village, Acrylic, 24 x 24", Karen Gillis Taylor

Seaside Village, Acrylic, 24 x 24″, Karen Gillis Taylor

So many thoughts and memories can be triggered by an image like this one, called Seaside Village, which I shipped today. I wonder what my new collector lady will be thinking when she hangs the “Seaside Village” painting in her home? I hope it brings joy, peace and inspiration.

Thanks for reading, my friends.



9 Responses to “Finding a little joy via Imagination”

  1. Espirational Says:

    So sorry for your loss. I really like both the paintings.


  2. Judy Says:

    Ah, Karen, Les and family,
    I know how much you all loved your sweet Dad,and am so sorry. How lucky you all were to have such loving parents. I know how you all will miss him, and be even closer to each other as a result.
    Yes, El Farol was jumping tonight, used to go jump into the crowd on the dance floor, am getting a bit slower these days, but love the scene. I hope you come for a visit soon, after the big show!!?
    XO, Judy


  3. Brenda Osborne Says:

    Karen: Sorry for the loss of your father. I especially like the woman and child ( I believe) …….top of building ……..Seaside Village……reminds me of being beside the sea when my daughters were small and we would look down on the ocean at night with the moon shining on the water. Take care.


  4. meta Says:

    That’s sad news! Lovely paintings.


  5. Caroline Jobe Says:

    I am sure she will enjoy it. beauty


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