Progress on another painting… simultaneous works and I need a title!

"Blue Night", working title, Acrylic, 24 x 24", unfinished, 2014

“Blue Night”, working title, Acrylic, 24 x 24″, unfinished, 2014. Click for larger view.

Now I’m going back to a work previously begun several weeks ago.  This is one of four paintings I have going, in close-to-finish stages. There are about 7 weeks to go until my show at Osmosis Gallery. I’ve been excited to finish this painting, because the last session will add the shining leaves and highlights to bring life to the image. When you look at the first rough draft image, you’ll see what I mean.

"Blue Night", first draft, digital, 2013

“Blue Night”, first draft, digital, 2013

This first rough draft of Blue Night is very intensely colored, almost to the extreme. I do like the excitement of the “electric” blue, but not for the finished piece, which will be warmer in color balance. I’m hoping to finish this piece within the week. Working toward my end-of-March goal to get things ready for the April show at Osmosis Gallery. I need a “real” title for the final piece, any suggestions? Feel free to comment, please! 

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11 Responses to “Progress on another painting… simultaneous works and I need a title!”

  1. said-simply Says:

    Karen, I absolutely love both pieces but the acrylic is so warm and inviting. Truly lovely. The title, “Night Glow,” comes to mind. Just what comes to mind when I look at it.


  2. Judy Says:

    The show is really coming together!
    I think because the scene looks magical with glistening leaves, something like
    Merlin’s Midnight or the Scorcerers skyline
    But will keep thinking!


  3. Judy Says:

    Or moonlight alchemy
    Midnight mysteries
    Here in New Mexico we might say
    Suenos de la Noche


  4. Judy Says:

    Because it looks like the first blast of winter blowing the leaves from the trees. Winters first kiss


  5. kay Says:

    I would name it “Come In”. That is what the warm orange building is saying to me.


  6. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    by the way, I have not seen any ads on your site the last few times I have visited it.


    • karen Says:

      Oh, thanks for answering my plea for help, I know WordPress does put ads on people’s blogs now and then, and I just wondered how often they were doing that. Thanks for looking!


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