Finding peace in a busy season… and making time for art

"Bethlehem", ink drawing and Photoshop, KGT

“Bethlehem”, ink drawing and Photoshop, KGT. Click for larger view.

My day job at McCall’s quilting magazine was a little tense today. Thankfully, all the pages were approved and delivered to the production house in Cambridge for printing, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Now I can enjoy tomorrow, getting ready for around 14 family members to come over on Christmas Day for a simple meal, some fun and reconnecting with cousins and a sweet little baby named Kynli! So the age span is 18 months to 87 years, (my dad.)

I’ll admit there is much to do tomorrow to be ready for December the 25th, when the family arrives. Yikes! I already panicked last night for a moment. Got that out of the way, right?

I wanted to make an image like this one of Bethlehem, and making art really calms me. It brings me back to a good kind of “normal” feeling.

When I look at this image, well, I revive. Bethlehem is in Israel, and I have 2 reasons to be thinking often of Israel. One is that our dear Tessa, friend of our daughter Anne, is now living there as a citizen, embracing her Jewish faith, and we just love her. The other is that Israel is the home of Jesus, our Messiah. That’s the reason for celebrating Christmas, for me.

I’m weary of the cultural Christmas activities, which seem to have gone to a place I don’t want to go. (Don’t even have to mention the “brand names”, you know what I mean?)

I always like the lights, and an evergreen tree. Family together. Friends giving little gifts, games, laughter. Even the midnight mass at St. Peters, in Italy, and the setting is Bernini’s marble canopy. I’m not a catholic, but I have watched it on TV over the years, my little secret thing I do when all the family is asleep. It is a reverent, precious moment to think about. And I love seeing the children from many countries in the celebration, wearing their national costumes, and the reading of the gospel story of Jesus’ birth.

I got to see Bernini’s sculpted marble canopy as a college student at St. Peters one summer. (I tried to find an image to show you on the web, but the photos seemed mostly like “glamour shots.” None conveyed the weight of the marble, the massive strength of the sculpture. Keep looking for yourself, better yet, try to go see it in person if you can.)

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they will prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6.”

Praying for peace is always a good thing, for the country or neighborhood you most care about.

God bless you, friends.



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2 Responses to “Finding peace in a busy season… and making time for art”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Christmas. Its such a lovely celebration outside of all the media hoopla. We kept our days peace filled this year too. Your picture is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing !!!


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