Plum Spicy Quilt for Rob . . . inspired by an Amish design, so simple

Plum Spicy Quilt by Karen Gillis Taylor for McCall's Quilting magazines, 2013

Plum Spicy Quilt, 62″ x 76″, by Karen Gillis Taylor, quilted by Sheryl Martin

It is always exciting to see your quilt design in a magazine, also as a pattern so anyone can make it and adapt it for their own. My co-worker, Valerie sent me this photo so I could post it for friends all around. (Simply Quick Quilts, Autumn 2013).

I am actually an artist and painter, with a sewing background too, and so I say I am really an artist who makes things with fabric, when it comes to the quilting world. I also happen to work with some amazing quilters who have honed their craft to world class status. That is exciting. I get to ask them questions all the time and they share without reserve, since they are, well, sweet and awesome friends. The staff at McCall’s Quilting. Bravo to you all, buddies!

Don’t get me wrong, I love making things with fabric. and sewing in the world of quilt making. As a teen and college student, I made most of my own clothes. All 3 of my prom dresses! Designed our cheerleading uniforms, and all that. I am really more a designer than an expert sewist. My Grandma Helen set the family standard for expert sewing, followed by my Mom, Ann. I never really wanted to compete with that level of expertise in making clothes. I just wanted to design, draw,  and dream them up. Then I made many of these fashion items in high school and junior high, and if I sewed them, sometimes they barely passed the test of wearable. Most of my friends didn’t notice. Except the brainy girl who sat behind me in 9th grade Civics class, and could see the zippers and buttonholes up close! Thanks, Kathy H. for hinting that my sewing was on the shoddy side. Maybe she did me a favor?

I love to design quilts. It is like designing an abstract painting, and the early Amish quilters did exactly that. I made some Amish replica quilts, and showed them in my hometown Niwot gallery I operated 8 years ago. Now I design simple but intriguing quilts (intriguing for me, that is!) and art quilts that sometimes look a lot like my cityscape paintings. (See post from September 17, 2013.) Sewing is a quiet and rewarding medium and activity I so enjoy. It’s still all art to me. Thank you Grandma Helen and Mom Anna, for introducing me to this wonderful world of making things with fabric.

Plum Spicy and many other quilts are on display this fall at the Creative Crafts Group gallery, 741 Corporate Circle, Golden, Colorado, in a show called “Celebrate Your Stash.” All the quilts have been created by the staff of McCall’s Quilting magazines. You can find out about our talented staff and goings-on at the magazine by going to this link:


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