A Finished Art Quilt: “Our Little Town”… catching my breath and back to painting…

The Moon Stars vignette, detail, "Our LIttle Town" quilt, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2013

The Moon Stars vignette, detail, “Our LIttle Town” quilt, Karen Gillis Taylor, 2013

This is one of 8 details of the art quilt I finished over the Labor Day weekend. I SO loved making this quilt. Enormous fun, finding interesting fabrics that would fit into the design and color scheme. It’s truly like making a painting. Start with a plan and then let it evolve. Fusing the fabrics to the base layer with the steaming iron is one of those gratifying experiences I can’t explain. On a par with working with power tools though. Yep, go figure.

I will take more time to show the rest of the quilt soon!

"Our Little Town" quilt detail with roof cross

“Our Little Town” quilt detail with roof cross

See this dark blue fabric in the sky above the roof top cross? It’s a fabric with a built-in gradient of changing values. The term is called Ombré, a French word that literally means “shaded like a gradient. With these fabrics available, besides so many other wonderful patterns and textures, my world of painting just got bigger. Painting with fabric!

My alternative medium to paint is cotton cloth, and sometimes even silk or linen. I’ve been making art with fabric since art school days, but it’s much more exciting now, with all of these great fabrics to work with!

Now it’s time for me to go back to painting. I have several rough drawings and beginning paintings ready to go. How to shift gears? It’s not always easy. So tonight I pulled out some “starts”, a few 8 x 10″ paintings on boards that are already begun and waiting in the wings for more work.

Underpainting 1

Underpainting 1

I made four 8 x 10″ painting starts a few months ago. Now I am back to working on them. This one is already a little far along with the value plan under way. A value plan is so useful for me with either paint or quilting constructions.

Oh, I just got permission to publish my painted violin photos! The brochure from the DYAO website is being sent out now. So photos of my painted violin will be coming soon. I will update as soon as the Denver Young Artists Organization has the new website up for the 2013 event in October.

What a great organization to encourage these talented young musicians. My brother is a musician, so I GET it! A life of dedication to one’s art is a good thing.


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5 Responses to “A Finished Art Quilt: “Our Little Town”… catching my breath and back to painting…”

  1. ashleyquinnstyle Says:

    I saw your quilt hanging in your office today when I was there…….fabulous!!


  2. marjorie Says:

    Love your quilt!


  3. Gabriela LeBaron Says:

    Very cute quilt!


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