Practicing my quilting stitches for a new fused art quilt!

Tiny town, practice version of quilting for future "Our Little Town" quilt, KGT

Tiny town, practice version of quilting for future “Our Little Town” quilt, KGT

I’m making a large wall-size quilt, about 4 feet wide, 2 feet tall. Callng it “Our LIttle Town.” All the pieces are sewn and fused into place. Then comes the quilting, when the 3 layers of quilt construction, (top), middle layer of batting, and then backing fabric are all sewn together. The quilting stitches on top are important, as they provide a texture and are almost like a line drawing super-imposed on the entire composition.

I decided to make this little test composition to see what the stitching would look like over the fused colored fabric shapes. I chose a simple straight line stitching, figured out the best spacing of the lines with some varied spaces, etc.

I like to make “tests” of any new process. It helps me feel more confident before I dive in for the real thing.

These simple horizontal stitching lines seem to work for me. I began quilting stitches on the real quilt tonight. It’s going to be okay.

Can’t wait to have it finished! New projects are calling….

I’ll post the finished town quilt. Soon!

thanks for checking back,



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