Raising adventurous, creative daughters with no experience as a mom… who me?

Kathryn Rose and Anne Elizabeth, at Anne's wedding

Kathryn Rose and Anne Elizabeth, at Anne’s wedding

We did not set out to raise our daughters to be artistic or creative. I already knew the tough times artists experience trying to make a living, find time for their passion, and all that. I didn’t discourage their interests, but I secretly hoped they would find their joy in … what? … maybe anything else that might get them a good, steady job! Notice I said secretly. (That desire of mine was fleeting. But steady jobs do have their merit.)

Annie grew up and got married 2 summers ago in our back yard. We build a giant pergola at the edge of the prairie out back, to set the scene for the ceremony. Our photographer friend, Kim Weston, came to visit later and called it the Taj Mahal. Ha ha. Who cares, when you sit out there, it’s a whole new experience, all worth it.

Katie is a musician now, seeking out her own life journey. She reminds me a lot of me. We both found our art later after high school. We both want to pursue our art our own way, not afraid to be a little unconventional. I can’t wait to see what comes next for her!

"Annie's endless summer collage no. 1" from her Annie the Adventurer blog

“Anne’s endless summer collage no. 1” from her Anne the Adventurer blog

Check out Anne’s blog, called Anne the Adventurer.  (Links are in right column.) When I read the post as she summed up their summer, I was (1) very freaked out that summer is coming to a close? and (2) a little jealous that she and Spencer really did do all these things in one summer! No way!

Anne studied History (like I did) and English in college, and now she is finding out she is pretty good at graphic design, no training. Go figure? (But I do think she’s a good writer with some meatier blog posts… said mom. ha!)

"Annie's endless summer collage no. 2" from her Annie the Adventurer blog

“Anne’s endless summer collage no. 2” from her Anne the Adventurer blog

See those yummy food photos on Annie’s blog? I tried to make creative meals for my family all those years, and they would eat a bit and run out the door to their next thing, nothing memorable about the meal, apparently! Made for a frustrated mommy! Now suddenly both girls are cooking and choosing interesting ingredients, etc. What is happening here? Where is my pay back? (just kidding, there is no such thing as pay back for moms.)

I’m thankful that their dad RT and I can see these photos and be glad the kids did make it out of childhood alive and well. And we parents did too. Dad RT has spent years working in the business world, but he has a creative streak and is also a photographer and musician. How did this family pursuing so many individual creative interests and still survive the bumps and many trials along the way? Love helps. With a capital L.

A rainbow after the wedding

A rainbow after the wedding

P.S. Here’s the pergola we built. Dad RT and I stained it after our nice carpenter fellow built it. I won’t forget the day after when we stained it together, which was a bit laughable for our lack of experience and not being tall enough by any means. Started out with worried expletives flying, ended up laughing at ourselves, which was good.

You know what? If Katie decides to get married in our out back someday and wants us to build her a tee pee, I will be the first to find the lodge poles! (And ask our buddy carpenter friend to put them together.)


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