Smoke and Water Painting and Working in “spurts”

"Smoke and Water", acrylic, detail, by Karen Gillis Taylor, 7-2013

“Smoke and Water”, acrylic, detail, by Karen Gillis Taylor, 7-2013

I brought this painting to my McCall’s workplace today to put by my desk and look at now and then since I think it would: (1) make a nice color palette for a new quilt design and (2) be there to glance at now and then to see if a final “fix” popped out at me. Fellow McCall’s editor and work pal Erin asked me if I painted it last night. Oh no, it’s on at least session # 4 and hoping session # 5 will finish it off. (This detail of painting shows about one third of final image.)

Many of we artists have more than one job. If you are also taking care of a loved one who is sick or elderly you might have 3 jobs. Not to mention usual household duties. How do we find time for our favorite creative pursuits?

Some of my pals at McCall’s (actually, all!) have been known to go home, after a full day of magazine and video teaching work, to make their own beautiful quilting creations until late at night. Painters do that too, and I can attest to both. It’s a great temptation to give up on our art and just fall asleep at night with a TV show in the background, or computer diversions. I have succumbed to all. And some nights require it!

But then you get that fire in your belly again that comes when you look at your works in progress, or a favorite painting or quilt or photo some other person made that you admire. The spark ignites once more.

I think we have to keep looking for the Spark, and actually make that our mission. Keep that fire burning, don’t give up, never give up! It feeds the soul, and then we awake on a new day and do it all over again with excitement, be it a little spark or even a bonfire.


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2 Responses to “Smoke and Water Painting and Working in “spurts””


    Do you know yet if you will have a calendar this year? I have your 2011 and 2012 and I keep them up year round in my office.
    Kimberly Eads


    • karen Says:

      Hi Kimberly,
      There is no scheduled 2014 calendar as yet. If I do find a publisher I will post the news on my blog.
      Thank you for your interest!


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