Summer rain skies inspire me BIG time

July Clouds, photo in the out back, KGT, 2013

July Clouds, photo in the out back, KGT, 2013

I’m one who has always tried to make sure we have lived someplace where we had a bit of sky and land around us for breathing room, and also so I can take some great photos of God’s wonderful creation around us. It’s the best inspiration of all.

We all welcome rain in Colorado most of the time. When I was a kid, thunderstorms and sheets of rain coming in the back patio door were spectacular to me, as I laid down on the carpet to watch the light show and smell the rain trying to come in. The rug got wetter and smelled like rain on rug. We could allow 6 inch width of open door before it soaked the rug, but mom wouldn’t let it go that far. She was used to big thunderstorms, since she was from Chicago, and I guess she knew more about the limits of storms and how you let rain into your house or not.

Sky Above the Clouds, Geordia O'Keefe

Sky Above the Clouds, Georgia O’Keefe

I love Georgia O’Keefe’s painting about the sky and clouds, as it seems like a view flying over in a plane. My first flight as a 20-year-old took me not only from Colorado to New York City, but then also to Europe where I discovered my life time destiny to pursue art.

I wonder what Georgia was thinking when she made this painting of  skies and clouds?

I know some of you live in the other southern hemisphere, or other places where skies are so different. I would love to hear of your experiences of how skies have touched you for inspiration.




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One Response to “Summer rain skies inspire me BIG time”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    love the O’keefe painting. Its interesting to hear your remembrance. I always remembered sitting on the front porch when it rained!


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