Quilt shops and art stores: Biggest treat on a weekend!

Quilter's Studio, Longmont, Colorado

Quilter’s Studio, Longmont, Colorado

I‘m not big into shopping, but going to Meininger’s Art store in Denver or my favorite local Quilter’s Studio in Longmont is a whole different thing. Maybe it’s the feeling I get when I see the makings of something I can create, something that has great possibilities. Suddenly my little brain is taking it all in, and clicking away.

The thing about Quilt shops though, is that the project looks so much more ready to do-able when you see the gorgeous fabrics. I mean, really, buying a tube of paint takes a big leap of faith that you can make an exciting painting. But buying fabric is the short cut to the imagination of a finished quilt. No wonder quilting is so popular today! (Don’t abandon me here, painters, we have made our own leap of faith many times over and keep painting for the joy of it!)

Some new fabrics for the Drunkard's Path Quilt, deadline fall 2013

Some new fabrics for the Drunkard’s Path Quilt, deadline fall 2013

Here are some of my recent fabric choices for a new/old quilt I’m making for a project at McCall’s Quilting magazine. A group of us are getting inspiration from a vintage quilt design and updating it with new fabrics. Mine may turn out to be a baby or girl’s quilt, from the looks of these colors. I can’t wait to see what my other buddies at the magazine are planning!

Drunkards path basic unit for design
Drunkards path basic unit for design

Here’s the beginning units and fabrics for my Drunkard’s Path remake quilt. A person can put these units into any number of patterns that make up so many different finished quilt designs. I have a plan for mine. I’ll show it when it is done!

I love the white dot on white fabric here. I’d better get back to my favorite Quilter’s Studio shop in Longmont on Main to get the rest I need before it’s all gone!

Do you have a favorite shop you go to check things out? I’d love to hear if anyone else gets excited like I do enjoying favorite quilt shop or art store days for inspiration and fun. One of the reasons I like my fave quilt shop so much is because the women working there are so funny and always injecting their sense of humor into everyone’s day. That means a lot and keeps fellow customers enjoying the morning and having a fun experience! Not to mention everyone’s mutual love of the luscious fabrics that keep us all chatting when the atmosphere is light and welcoming.


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