Sweet Building Painting in New York City: Hershey Chocolates in the Rain

New York City, acrylic, 16 x 20", Karen Gills Taylor

New York City, acrylic, 16 x 20″, detail, Karen Gills Taylor, 2006

This painting came about when my sister Deb showed me photos of her recent trip to New York City, and when I spotted her photo of the Hershey Chocolate store,  I immediately asked if I could have the image as a reference idea for a painting! It’s one of the last paintings I made from a photograph before I began to make cityscapes from memory and imagination.

I do like this painting very much, not for the tendency toward realism so much as the colors, shapes and the dynamic set up by the converging perspective lines. Seeing figures tiny in the scene gives the sense of scale. The monumental buildings of New York City are so impressive, and especially at night for me.

I’ve visited Manhattan several times, often for art trade shows. It’s one of those cities you know is rich with culture and history, diverse neighborhoods, so much going on that you just have to return again and again to take it all in.

Now that I’m working so much from imagination, I want to paint this again, with the same rich palette and broad value scale, but with a different view from my discovery of painting shapes and movement in my new way. Note to self! Great study for at least 2 or 3 new paintings in the ShimmerTown style. Better get busy….


Sister Les, left, sister Deb, middle, me - Karen, right

Sister Les, left, sister Deb, middle, me – Karen, right

My last visit to New York was for the Surtex and Stationery Show at Javits. My sister Les and I went together, as she is also an artist and we have the same agent, Alicia. My favorite memories of the trip were our dinner near Washington Square and the walk back when Les bought a favorite album from a street vendor. Lots of chatting with the locals and many laughs amidst the exciting surroundings so different for 2 Colorado ladies. I think my sister Leslie would feel at home in Katmandu and find a way to chat it up with the folks there. She is a gem. So is Deb. Great family makes for creative benefits for which I’m so thankful. My sweet sissies are the best!


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3 Responses to “Sweet Building Painting in New York City: Hershey Chocolates in the Rain”

  1. Caroline Jobe Says:

    love the photo and the story and the painting


  2. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    Love love my sissies!


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