Painting Tranquility

"Tranquility", Karen Gillis Taylor, oil

“Tranquility”, Karen Gillis Taylor, oil

Why are Mondays sometimes hard to adjust to when you are back in the work place? Even when I was freelancing, it was still tough, because the other family members were all back on schedule on Monday, dealing with life back in the real world.

Tonight I came home and knew I had to get into the studio and paint with music on. Feeling cranky usually means a need for more studio time for me. So glad I figured that out!

I began painting, working with new color palettes and the only one that I could work with was simply the blues. So I made an under-painting on the new canvas with 3 variations of blue, the lightest in the middle and going dark to the vertical edges.

I felt very calmed after completing the under-painting; not sure if it was the single calming color or the quieter place with music. I am so thankful to have my refuge place to paint here when I need it.

This “Tranquility” painting came from a smaller study of a “Downpour over Niwot” painting I made when we were living a few miles away in Boulder, Colorado. We lived in a place where we could see beautiful skies, like we can today. Maybe my secret tranquil moments are about the Colorado skies. Nature is the ultimate place to find peace, if only for a moment.

My hope is that you special creative people will also find your refuge to visit when you need the tranquil time to restore your soul. We all need that.

Here is a thought, tell me what is your favorite place to visit in nature when you need to refresh your soul? I would love to hear.


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One Response to “Painting Tranquility”

  1. anne taylor (@anneiam) Says:

    I love that painting! So glad I have it hanging in my house! 🙂


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