One of my favorite HAPPY paintings- Art can touch you in a friendly, personal way

"Sunset Ride", by Stephan Morath, my poster, also available as giclee print

“Sunset Ride”, by Stephan Morath, poster we happily own!, also available as giclee print

We are now downsizing all our belongings and household to go on to a new chapter in life, and a few things I will keep. I have my framed poster, “Sunset Ride” before me, by Stephan Morath. I LOVE it. Stephan has managed to place at least a half a dozen or more objects in this painting that are absolute memory-makers for me. I didn’t even see them all when I bought the poster!

A lot of the objects in the paintings are from my early youth, like the drive-in theater, the gas station pump (my father-in-law actually had one of these at his station long ago), the Chevy truck (Colorado plates) with the couple sitting side-by-side before we had seatbelt laws and individual front seats, the lemon cream pie, (yep, served that at my restaurant job when I was in high school), and of course my hubbie and I honeymooned in the American Southwest, (still looks like this) which is the main setting.

"Sunset Ride" painting, detail, Stephan Morath

“Sunset Ride” painting, detail, Stephan Morath

But wait! In the back of the pickup is a Golden Retriever dog and a black Lab. They look exactly like our dogs, Hally and Bessie. My dad smoked Marlboro cigarettes, seen in the front bottom right. I’m in love with adobe architecture from my years in Santa Fe. And it’s all crazy and fun in one composition that pulls it all together with an excellent color sense. We also have a winter poster that may be a little more rare, haven’t seen it online. It’s also lovely.

Thank you, Stephan, I love this painting.  If our art brings joy and warm memories in our world, I count it all good.

Do you have a favorite artist whose work brings you a feeling of joy? Please share…


P.S. More of Stephan Morath’s work can be seen at:


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3 Responses to “One of my favorite HAPPY paintings- Art can touch you in a friendly, personal way”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hi Karen,
    You always find the silver lining! Moving and change can be so difficult to initiate, but once in it, as you are, seems the forward motion is exhilarating! I am in the remodeling throws, and now excavating sewer and water lines, through my cherished garden and brick driveway.. Your positive attitude will help me be cheery…what other choice is there?
    It seems like so many of us are in transition, and time is speeding up. I can’t remember these daily monumentous decisions, stressful situations, often life changing. Perhaps it’s just our age?
    Regardless, your poster is a keeper, I have your art work as my daily cheer…somewhere!
    Good luck with the transition and move,
    Love, Judy


  2. karen Says:

    It seems we are both in these daily upheavals toward change! The “one day at a time” approach is for me these days. I’m encouraged by you taking on big efforts, and sorry your garden is involved! We had a similar thing a couple of years ago when the city water department had to replace pipes in our property easement, and we lost some young trees and shrubs. Such is life. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. You live in an artful place and are positive yourself!


  3. Gabriela LeBaron Says:

    This definitely catches the spirit of fun! good job.


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