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June Town painting and the magic of the night

June 25, 2013
"June Town", 11 x 14", acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor

“June Town”, 11 x 14″, acrylic, Karen Gillis Taylor

I grew up in suburban Denver, and my fascination with city lights came from visits back to our family “roots” in Chicago in summer.  Another special event came at Christmas time, when mom and dad drove us down to the civic center in downtown Denver to see the city lights. That was very big deal for us as kids, in another era. Special moments in childhood made for memories that contributed to my art. Do you have childhood memories that made a big impression on you?

"June Town", detail

“June Town”, detail

I saw my first shooting star when I was 11 years old, riding my first “big girl” bicycle at night through the neighborhood. (Dad even put a little generator gizmo on it to make the light come on for safety. But I mostly turned off the light, since it ruined the effect of traveling through evening quietly to observe the natural light around me.) Night time became not only magical, but a very real kind of magic.

This is our world, inspiring us by what nature provides. I guess I learned early on to open my eyes to see things that I found amazing enough to capture to memory. Well, I wasn’t trying to do that, as a kid. It just happened.

From those kind of memories we can make art that’s special to us. It’s different for everyone. For me it was nature. What inspires you?

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