Unfinished projects are not dead, just biding their time…

The Nifty Gifty quilt, waiting in the wings to be completed

The Nifty Gifty quilt, waiting in the wings to be completed. Click for larger view.

If you are like me, we creative types have umpteen projects we have started, and want to finish. This is not a bad thing! Ideas and projects sometimes even benefit from a little germination time.

Here’s a simple quilt project I started last year. I loved the “Nifty Gifty” quilt pattern in one of my layouts for McCall’s Quilting magazine, November/December 2012. And I had these great fabrics, so I was good to go! Then life happened, as it does.

BUT, I have finished projects that have sat around in the studio for 3-5 or more years. That doesn’t even count the ideas I have used from sketchbooks and photographs older than that.

Just look at the color palette here. (Painters, take note!) It’s very much mid to darker tones. That has a calming effect, not too much contrast of lights. So very rich and earthy. I am not letting this project fall by the wayside! I have many young daughters and nieces who would love to have the quilt from this fabric design. (uh oh, who will I give the finished quilt to? gulp!)

When life gets busy, we just take things a day at a time. Then a window opens up and a project comes to the front and is finished before our eyes! I love when that happens.

P. S. I wish I knew the name of the fabric designer for this great fabric line. I bet someone out there does, and please let me know if you do, so I could give her credit. Thanks!

P.P.S. Thankfully reader Marie just commented that this fabric line is by Marcia Derse. I do believe that’s right! Thanks so much for your early response! -karen


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5 Responses to “Unfinished projects are not dead, just biding their time…”

  1. Marie Says:

    I’m pretty sure the fabric line is by Marcia Derse. Can’t wait to see your quilt! Beautiful palette!


    • karen Says:

      Thanks so much, Marie, for your quick response. I always want to give the fabric designers their credits, they work long hours to create their designs. I know!


  2. annbibbi Says:

    I love your title to this “Unfinished projects are not dead, just biding their time” that’s perfect and I now feel much better about the ones that seem to be haunting me. I’ll stop saying that my unfinished projects are “haunting me” and will change to “my (many) projects are patiently waiting for my return. That’s much better!


  3. ro848 Says:

    Love the color palette. Had a project come to the front recently and it is almost finished. You’re right: I love when that happpens!


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