Once in a Lifetime Photos

Ann and Bob Gillis, my parents, about 1984

Ann and Bob Gillis, my parents, about 1984

I went back to college in my early 30′s to get my BFA degree, after working freelance illustration and design for several years. My studies in photography class were pivotal, and I learned more about design in John Bonath’s photography classes at Colorado State than I would learn at any other formal schooling.

In that time of taking many photos for studies, I asked my parents to sit for a portrait, not just for my own practice, but for a family photo we could keep and maybe make into a framed present for the future.

This is one of two beautiful photos of my parents captured that day. (Not in a technical sense.) The second shows them looking more at the camera, but this one is the beauty. It’s just plain real. They were a loving couple to the end.

I think the take away thoughts here when you are making art with photography might be: don’t forget to take the personal photos, just for yourself and family or friends. We need to feed our souls without reserve. We need those connections to remember and then grow.

Thanks Mom and Dad, miss you Mama, and I’ll see you in heaven. Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.

love, Karen



3 Responses to “Once in a Lifetime Photos”

  1. Randy Keenan Says:

    What a lovely portrait – better than any ole formal shot that you could have taken. capturing the moment! Love it, thanks for sharing!


  2. Leslie Clark Says:

    Simply wonderful sis. It always chokes me up.


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