“Consider the lilies of the field…” the meeting of our needs as artists and people.

Lilies photo by KGT, Niwot, Colorado

Lilies photo by KGT, Niwot, Colorado

My husband Rob was doing a photo shoot a few years ago in Boulder and brought home these lilies. I grabbed them to take out back in our prairie setting to make a photo or two for painting ideas. Then played with the image in Photoshop as I often do, to enhance interesting shadows and background. Maybe it will inspire a future painting. But sometimes you just sit back and enjoy the photography. What a wonderful medium.

This poetic phrase about the lilies of the field crops up in our culture, and is actually from the Bible, Matthew 6:25-34. It is about how God beautifully clothes the flowers of the field, these things with such a short life of their display. The real message is to tell us not to worry about what we will wear or eat to survive, because God cares even more about us than the flowers he has crafted so exquisitely. And He will provide.

There is a wonderful movie starring Sidney Poitier with this title, (1963). The theme of the movie also brings to mind the story of the building of the miraculous staircase of the Loretto chapel in Santa Fe, (1878). The sisters had a need, and God supplied the worker to help them.

Artists live a life of chance. We don’t always have a “day job” with a corporate plan complete with pensions and retirement funds. But where there is hope in God who cares so much for us, it helped me to know over the years, I can pursue the artistic life and still have clothing and food, and not to worry. This poetic phrase, “consider the lilies of the field”, is a reminder all will be okay, and to keep on creating art if that is the gift God has given you to use.

There are many ways to seek out help to keep working on your art dream or project and perhaps find funding to make this happen. Ask if you want to receive! Internet search terms might be … well, you tell us all, folks, if you have been looking. We’d love to have you share.

Don’t forget to ask in your own community. Join in a group of artists who can support each other. Sometimes friendship meets so many needs for artists, just in the way we get a good feeling of support. Then we go on to make our art individually as we do in our own world, hopefully to share with others now and then.

Do you belong to an art or painter’s or quilter’s group? Please share if you do and how it helps fulfill your creative life.




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2 Responses to ““Consider the lilies of the field…” the meeting of our needs as artists and people.”

  1. mm5434 Says:

    Nice one…….


  2. karen Says:

    Thanks mm.


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