Drawing is like free verse: let loose your imagination and see what happens on the page

figures from sketchbook, karen gilis taylor

figures from sketchbook, karen gilis taylor

You may be an artist or perhaps a musician or photographer. Did you ever seize the moment and just create something in a few minutes time because it popped into your mind and you had to capture that and see what you could make of it?

This is what is the best about drawing, for me. It is a visual note-taking, a scribbling down of information your idea says to transfer to the page with a pencil or pen or mouse or graphic tablet or piece of chalk or crayon.

The above figure drawings were made from photos of my daughter, and 2 others from imagination. I love the gesture drawing at the right, suggesting a dancer or gymnast. Comes from my own years in the days of studying dance, I carry through to this day. You don’t forget the things art brands upon your memory and muscle memory for dancers. Memory is a gift!

Sketch of photographer, as he photographed the Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado

Sketch of photographer, as he photographed the Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado

Keeping a sketch book handy is a good idea. I still slap myself side of the head if I have no sketchbook handy and have to scramble for any available paper and pencil to draw something I need to get down on the page! This time I was prepared. Not sure if I will ever make a piece of art from this sketch. No matter. I respect the person so desiring to capture the image before him with his camera. The Boulder Flatirons (rock formations) are worthy of a good image capture.

Sometimes I am watching a show on TV and see a city or architecture that captivates me. I freeze it on the screen and try to draw it quickly. I consider it a good exercise in quick drawing, but the main thing is that I loved the image and found it amazing.

Now we are coming into the fashion season in America, as we see the gorgeous gowns on our favorite actresses as they splash onto the scenes of movie and TV fame. I began to draw fashions as a middle schooler around age 12. I still love it! I also sewed my own clothes from then on into my college years. I still love drawing dresses and might always will. If you sew your own clothes at some point in your life, you might understand. And also, the gowns are just so pretty! Another fun thing to draw for fun!

vera wand gown

vera wand gown

Here is my favorite fashion of 2012 with actress Viola Davis wearing her gorgeous dress designed by Vera Wand. Tonight I enjoyed watching part of the Golden Globe awards night and reminded me I should touch base with the Academy Awards night to see if I can have a little fun sketching those pretty dress designs. It’s a fun diversion for me. We all need those fun things to enjoy.


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