Thank you to City Dreams calendar people! More paintings to come…

Christmas Cat, Acrylic painting, Karen Gillis Taylor for City Dreams calendar 2012, Time Factory Publishing, TFC

Christmas Cat, 18 x 18″ acrylic painting, Karen Gillis Taylor for City Dreams calendar 2012, Time Factory Publishing, TFC

One of my long time art dreams came true a couple of years ago when my dear agent Alicia Dauber secured a project for me to create the City Dreams calendar for 2011. Thank you Alicia! This was followed by a second calendar for 2012. I provided paintings and my favorite inspiring quotes on the subjects of architecture, towns and imagination. Dreams work in many ways, are built by many people and then touch many people. Contrary to belief of some, art is so often a collaborative process. My musician brother tells me that all the time, and I guess I’ll have to believe him. (smiles).

I want to respond to the nice people who have been emailing me to see if there will be a third calendar. Sorry to say, not for 2013. Thank you so much for your interest and searches. That said, the city paintings are going forward, even tonight in my studio. There are too many ideas that keep coming to me in sketches and thoughts, and I really enjoy picturing myself living in these places as I paint. I’m also so glad when people tell me they feel like they can wander into the scene themselves. It is priceless for me to hear that, because it means we are thinking alike. There’s a bond after all, between someone who makes a painting and someone who hangs it on their wall for a while. Artists love to hear that!

Please keep checking back here on the Hue Bliss blog for news on a future project for the city series. How a girl who “loves living in towns as long as there is still livestock in the city limits” is captured by lively urban vistas to paint is a mystery to myself sometimes. We live in an exciting world, and I’m blessed to have visited wonderful towns around the globe. Those memories help to fuel my work. Color is everywhere, and so is the inspiration to play with it and make worlds of our own with paint.

-love, Karen

P.S. I know there’s livestock (horses) living in New York City, because I see the images of NYC policemen on horseback and I’m pretty sure they don’t take the ferry every day to go on their appointed rounds. But I could be wrong. (more smiles.)


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9 Responses to “Thank you to City Dreams calendar people! More paintings to come…”

  1. meta Says:

    They must have been lovely calenders!



    I will miss the calendar more than you can know. The paintings make me relax and set my imagination loose for a few minutes each time I look at them.


  3. Marcia Says:

    I just found your site by searching for a 2013 calendar. I’ve had both of your calendars and so hoped there would be another one. My office will be a much drearier place without your artwork (although my favorites from 2012 will likely make it to the bulletin board).


  4. Jamie Says:

    I have been hoping I would find another one of your calenders as I have been running my errands this January. After seeing the dismal offerings for calenders, it struck me to just order yours online (how many images of Twilight and monster trucks can anyone take??). So, I, too, am disappointed, but wish you good luck with your future work. Keep us updated on any news of 2014 possibilities ;-). God bless!


  5. Rita Travis Says:

    I enjoyed your City Dreams calendar for 2011 and 2012 and was disappointed to find out 2013 would not be published. Truly your calendars spark the imagination and allow the viewer to enter a world apart from reality and a very groovy world at that. Thank you for those calendars. Looking at the months going by allowed me to leave here and go there if only for a moment.


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