Thanksgiving in America

Portrait of a Turkey

Around the world, it’s been a challenging year, sometimes even to put food on the table. In the USA, popular opinion knows that Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, thought that the turkey should be our national bird. I haven’t researched his reasoning, but the eagle won out over the turkey for our national bird symbol.

We have seen more eagles in our county than wild turkeys. Way more. I wonder if there are even any wild turkeys in Boulder County. I’m not a hunter, but my husband says that wild turkeys are not easy to shoot, and in the old days, they made for a good dinner if one was a good shot.

Maybe Benjamin Franklin knew that? If you were interested in honing your skills, and even got lucky, you could put food on the table with this humble bird. And give thanks.

Nobody even dreams of an eagle on the dinner menu. Ben Franklin, thanks for trying to make the turkey our national symbol. It came in second to the eagle, but is in our thankful hearts every year about this time, many times over.


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One Response to “Thanksgiving in America”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    I think my friend I Estes park had them in her yard and Randi my niece hunts them.
    Love your turkey!!!!


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