Traveling through life: camera on the road

Morning travels, south Boulder

I’m on the road a lot these days, most frequently traveling along the foothills of Boulder and Jefferson Counties, Colorado. Best times to travel? Dawn and dusk. The light changes are the most dramatic of the day, and someone like me finds this an inspiration better than most anything I can think of.

Parking lot vista, Golden, CO, evening

Sometimes I think that if I tried to paint a scene like this, it would be unbelievable. Too amazing unless you are standing there in person, as a witness. So a painter has to re-interpret from their own photos, trying to capture the essence of the overall drama of the scene.

Evening, Golden, Colorado

I like the idea of painting the car highlights, street lights and buildings right into the scene with the spectacular skies behind and over all. It tells a story, just like the first photo with the traveling cars and traffic lights ahead.

As to the colors, the blues and golds of the Colorado skies make up one of my most favored palettes.  I do try to photograph safely if I’m driving! Many beautiful skies witnessed while on the road just have to be committed to memory. Sometimes I even say the colors out loud to myself, starting from the top view down. No match for a photo, but then again, our memories come back to haunt us, or rather help us when we paint.

“Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented by something else – by color.

-Paul Cezanne.

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2 Responses to “Traveling through life: camera on the road”

  1. Leslie Ann Clark Says:

    love the middle one the best. Wow! Clouds are awesome!


    • karen Says:

      Daughter Katie saw the same clouds that day from the city, and sent me back her photo which was equally awesome. Special to have that connection that day.


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